Gas Commissioning

Your local expert for any and all gas fitting requirement is Metropolitan Gas Fitting. Our fully qualified, licensed gas fitters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, able to come to your home or business no matter if it’s a Thursday, Sunday or Christmas day. Not only that, we understand that emergencies can’t wait, and that you need your new gas oven installed as soon as possible, so we’ll make sure there’s somebody knocking on your front door within only an hour of making a Booking by Phone or Online.

Commissioning a Gas Appliance, such as a Gas BBQ or a Gas Stove, needs to be done after that gas appliance has been installed to make sure every part, connection, Pipeline and Fitting is in perfect working order and safe to use. All our Fully Qualified, Licensed Gas Plumbers here at Metropolitan Gas Fitting have the training, expertise, skills and knowledge needed to install and then commission any appliance you may have bought, no matter what type, make or model it is, so that you get not only the most effective outcome possible, but also the safest outcome possible for your gas appliance needs.

So, what kinds of Gas Appliances need to be Commissioned?

Well, every newly installed gas appliance, basically, needs to be commissioned before it’s safe to use. Gas Room Heaters, Gas Hot Water Heaters, Gas BBQs, Gas Stoves, Gas Ovens, Gas Hotplates, and any other Appliance that uses gas as its power source will need to be commissioned by an extensively trained, Licensed Gas Fitter from Metropolitan Gas Fitting prior to use. Every one of our Gas Fitting Experts has the training, experience and skills to install and then carry out the commissioning process for your new gas appliance, no matter what type, make or model it happens to be. If you need a Gas Appliance Installed, contact Metropolitan Gas Fitting, and we’ll be able to commission it to make sure it’s working perfectly and safe to use.

So, what does commissioning actually do?

When one of our friendly, Professional Metropolitan Gas Fitters commissions your new gas appliance after installing it, he’ll go through every part, fitting and fixture the unit contains and uses to ensure that it’s all running the way it’s supposed to. If there’s something faulty, running the gas appliance could be very dangerous to both the gas appliance itself and the person using it, so it’s essential for this action to be taken. Every one of our gas fitting experts will be able to do both the installation and the commissioning jobs for all your gas appliances, so you can rest assured you’ll get the very best, safest user experience possible.

Commissioning a gas appliance looks at many different things, all to make sure the unit is in good working order and will be safe, effective and efficient to use. Our gas fitting professionals from Metropolitan Gas Fitting will check that every part of the gas appliance is perfectly clean and free from dust, that the gas appliance has sufficient ventilation so that it won’t overheat, that the gas pressure has been calibrated to the proper setting, and that the gas to air combination has also been set properly.