Gas Hot Water Heater

Gas leaks, Relocating Gas Appliances, Installing Gas Ovens, Repairing Gas Hot Water Heaters – Metropolitan Gas Fitting has the right solution for all your gas fitting needs. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have the skills, experience and tools to tackle any problem you possibly throw at us. Every hour of every day, even public holidays, we’ll put a friendly, expert gas fitter at your home or business when you need one, most often within the hour of making a booking by phone or our online form.


Hot water is a basic human need, one we often take for granted, and it can be extremely debilitating when it’s not on hand. That’s why we at Metropolitan Gas Fitting, your Local Gas Fitting Professionals, pride ourselves on being able to attend to any and all Gas Hot Water System problems. Is your hot water suddenly cold? Have you purchased a new gas hot water heater? Do you need an old gas hot water boiler replaced? It doesn’t matter what is you need done, we’ll be able to have of our fully qualified, licensed gas fitting expert do it for you professionally, quickly and with no fuss whatsoever. If you need your gas hot water looked at, go no further and contact us now!

So, can you Install my new Gas Hot Water Heater?

We most certainly can. Every one of our Professional Metropolitan Gas Fitters has the training and experience to install all makes and models of gas hot water heater. It doesn’t matter if you’re new gas hot water unit is Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, Bosch, Aquamax, Vulcan, Chromagen or any other brand, we can have one of our gas fitting experts around to your home or business to install it for you. If you haven’t bought one yet, though, that’s not an issue either. We have most brands and models of gas hot water heaters stocked in our own warehouse, so your attending gas plumber can talk over your options with you, help you make your choice, then retrieve, install and commission it for you that day.

Note that our Metropolitan Gas Fitting Professionals aren’t allowed to install any gas hot water heater that has a star rating less than 5. Such units are considered to be too inefficient by the government, and they are therefore trying to phase them out. If you want us to install or replace a gas hot water heater, it must be rated 5 or above.

So, can you Repair my current Gas Hot Water Heater?

With extensive professional training in every aspect of gas fitting, every one of our expert Metropolitan Gas Fitters can examine, service and repair any brand and model of gas hot water heater you may have that’s malfunctioning. Every van has a long list of spare parts for any repair, so there’s every chance your attending gas fitting professional will have everything he needs to repair your faulty gas hot water system onsite. This ensures our job is much quicker and easier, and that your time and money isn’t wasted having to wait for a gasfitter to go out a get a part.

So, are there different types of Gas Hot Water Heater?

Yes, there are primarily 2 types of gas hot water heater on the market these days. Metropolitan Gas Fitting, your local gas fitting expert, has the expertise, experience and equipment to carry out any and all work with both of them, no matter what make or model you’ve got or what you need done with it. We make sure all our professional gas fitters have everything they need to give you the very best results possible. The 2 types of gas hot water heaters are: 

Storage Hot Water Systems:

A storage gas hot water system, as its name might suggest, uses a storage tank to keep a stock of hot water. The water is heated to the desired temperature, then switches off. Hot Water is taken from the tank, replaced with cold, and reheated. This is very handy, as you have hot water as soon as you turn the tap on, but the tank can run out of hot water if you use too much at once.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems:

The Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System (or Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System) only heats water as it’s being used. It switches on when the tap is turned, heating the water running through it, then switches off when the tap is turned off. It can take a little while to get hot water, but, since there’s no tank, you’ll never run out of hot water.